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Customer reviews for Ostarine or MK-2866

Most users are happy with the effects and buy Ostarine or MK-2866 as it increases muscle and reduce body fat and had no problems.  Ostarine is promoted to have no side effects and should be taken with proper dosage for 8-12 weeks.  It should be taken orally (not injected) and must not exceed 12 weeks to prevent suppression.  For men, they should only take 25 mg a day and 12.5 mg a day for women.  After 12 weeks, Ostarine must be not taken for 4 weeks before starting all over again. It is important to have minimal rest or recovery time in between use (but not too long as it may cause regression). For best results, Ostarine should be taken with an estrogen blocker or aromatase inhibitor. For the elderly, it needs to be at a smaller dosage as their muscles and bones are different (about 3-5 mg a day).

It can cause slight suppression within the first 4 weeks. Side effects happen when the dosage exceeds the 25 mg limit.  Ostarine can lead to possible long term effects at higher doses and prolonged use. As per customer reviews, no hairline issues have been noted and as per research, Ostarine does not produce hair growth or affect hair loss.  The experiences differ as some got tired after a week while others had headaches, migraines, rashes when the dosage is over the range of 12.5-15 mg (once it was lowered, the person was fine).  Most experienced no side effects and had more energy, no matter the amount of dosage.  A person mentioned that he was more “pumped” at the gym after his first try.


Some customers say that they experienced suppression(or as some may call it “shut down”) if Ostarine is used more than 10 weeks. Others mentioned that it causes increases thirst and appetite, lethargy, sleep disturbance, dry mouth, blurred vision, sensitive nipples, high libido and mild muscle gains. However, it is only temporary and blood pressure is normal.  Some can be easily fixed by monitoring water and food.  As for the blurred vision, some had it only for one eye or they are blind only at night (some had “swirly” vision.  If necessary, the person should see a doctor immediately.

Some buy Ostarine and take it only 3-5 mg per day. Other customers have recommended only 5-10 mg daily and not the 25 mg because the higher dose had effects like stunted recovery during cycle or PCT (Post Cycle Therapy).  A source claimed that the dosage for men is 6-15 mg a day while for women it is 8 mg a day.  The efficacy depends on the person’s body, chemical build-up and other factors such as diet and exercise.  Some have lost weight and improved cardio.  Others shut down because of low blood and testorone levels or high dosage for example.There is a significant difference in blood work results when the person gets his/her blood checked.  Most still follow 25 mg a day while some use it 10-15 mg a day.

It is important to buy Ostarine that is legit or original at trusted stores or suppliers and then use it with the proper dosage.  Ostarine tastes bitter but warm and is colorless (with a weeny bit of yellow).  Some do not like the taste but some have been loyal customers and buy Ostarine for the sake of a better body.  It is only for those who are serious in their training. The amount of dosage works differently on people and should not be imitated (trial and error is fine but proceed with caution). If it does not work, it is time to change the brand or store.  It is highly recommended to consult experts, read customer reviews and do extensive research (about SARMS, cycles and PCT, etc. as well) before trying this product. With correct usage and the help of proper diet and exercise, best results will be achieved.