KAYAK GHOST TOURS - Kayak Zen & Amelia Island Adventures
Coupon/Groupon discounts (valid for any of our "Group Tours" on our calendar  but not valid for private party tours)

 Must be healthy and can swim well,wear your lifevest, and stay inland waters.

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*Family Self-guided special $99 
(not just a rental but an experience!)
total for up to six persons. Only $30 more for any additional persons.) 
Lonely Person: $50/full day use or $40/half day use. 
Adorable couple: $35 each for half day use (stay with the kayaks until your set time for pick up.)
(total price for up to 6 persons includes kayak, paddle, vest, and mini-lesson)

(total price for up to 10 persons)

 Must be physically capable,able to swim well and under 250lbs.
Usual Summer (June, July, August)  8:30-10:30am or Sunset 6pm-8pm
  • Additional tour times available by reservations and availability.
  •  Guided experience w/an real life alien guide to take you to the hidden treasures you would never find on your own!

  • Guided Tour Rates:
    Kayak lesson and fun tour!

    Lonely Person: $99
    Adorable Couple: $50 each
    Family special: $150 for up to six persons.

    *Coupon discounts (valid for any of our "group tours on our calendar" but not valid for anytime tours)

    $40 SUP
     Free Lesson & Experience for 14yrs. and up
    Have a blast and try paddleboarding!!! We deliver to you at the beach on Amelia Island.  (You must babysit the SUP entire time while at the beach, wear the lifevest, and stay in the surf zone. )
    Groupies: $70 per couple or $150 total for up to 4 adventure seekers (includes  lesson by an cool paddleboard instructor and half day use.).

    Warning: It might be too much fun for you!  
    Write us  a great review! on tripadvisor.com! High rating! Freshspiritadventures,llc

    • double and single sit in and sit on top kayaks (5yrs. and older)
    • surf paddleboards   (14yrs. and older)              
    • Amelia Island, Yulee, Jacksonville, High Springs
    • No refunds for bad weather! Bring a rain poncho!
    Get outside and find your zen!  Smell the flowers, see the jumping fish, explore like a native, and see funny looking humans! 
    • Text or call  (904)-404-6758...cash or pay with credit (we use Square 1 for all major credit cards).
    (Our goal: for you to chill & get some Zen!)

    Tour Information:  Must confirm your trip the night prior!
      • No refunds for any reason. All cancellations must reschedule the same day for an upcoming tour.
      • Weather cancellations (if forcast for heavy rain/lighting of 30% or more) are determined by us 90mn prior to put in time and we will reschedule you at no cost, however, cancellations made less than a week prior to your scheduled tour there will be a $30 reschedule reservation fee. 
      • If you just dont show up without calling/texting, we will cry and then we will not like you anymore. 
      • Must be able to swim of course! (You can tip if you lean to far to the side.  If you tip, attempt to pull the kayak to the shore and dump out the water.  That's why you wear your life vest. Must weigh below 250lbs so you dont sink our kayaks or paddleboards!
      • Must be physically fit and  able to get in and out of kayaK
      • no bumper boating, couple spatting, or wild drinking on board!
      • Nooooooo dragging the kayaks over the cement--they will tear!
      • You must babysit the kayaks when you return early, until the designated pick up time, then you will get your license back!
      • We look tough but were not tough enough to rerack all the kayaks, so yea---you get to be responsible for helping to re-racking your own.
      • Google the directions, or gps. 
      • ONLY POSITIVE REVIEWS ALLOWED!! (tripadvisor.com)----------
      • Yes, there may be fish jumping, snakes lurking, aligators staring, birds tweeting, etc..Its Florida folks!!  They dont bother us and we dont bother them--right?!!
    • Bring your water bottles, snacks, suntan lotion, water shoes, a towel, maybe a change of pants in case you drip into your kayak or wet your drawers!!
    • No fuddy duds allowed!..No negativity (especially when kayaking in a double with your friend).......and pets not allowed because although we love dogs--they cant kayak! 
    • Parrots are welcome!
    Fernandina Beach, Amelia Island, Yulee, other Nassau county locations, and Alaska (ok, ...well, no-not Alaska yet!). 
     If your in St. Augustine, check out our friends;
    In St. Augustine...www.whiteibistours.com 
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