& Amelia Island Adventures

      • double kayaks
      • single kayaks
      • surf paddleboards
      • ocean kayaks
      • Ages 5-90yrs.

      **Special** $150 per Family (guided 2hr nature kayak tour)!
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      • Smell the flowers, see the jumping fish, explore like a native, and see funny looking humans! 
      Kayak Guided Tours/Lesson
      Usual Summer (June, July, August)  8:30-10:30am or Sunset 6-8pm
      Additional tour times available by reservations and availability.
       (2 hour tour w/an real life alien guide to take you to the places you would never find on your own! For a real fun time, ask for a free energy reading while kayaking!)
      •  Lonely person: $59 for one person (so get a weekend group coupon!)
      • Cute Couple-$50 each 
      •  Fun Family special: $150 for up to six family members or besties! (if you have more than six persons simply add additional members for only $30 each & don't bring your ex!)
        "Self-Guided" Kayaking
        (Self-Guided tours" are basically free rentals, we just charge you for the delivery!)
        •  $50 for one  lonely person
        • $35 each for a cute couple
        • $99 for up to 4 fun family members or besties! (add additional persons for only $30 each, & leave the ones you don't like at home!)
        • "We give you a no getting lost route for kayaking unless you are dyslexic! 1/2 day use up to 4 hours. 
        Paddleboard  Lesson: 
        "Weekend Group" Summer Lesson schedule: Sat/Sun 1-2:30pm or private family lessons by appointment.
        LonelyPerson: $59 for single person 90mn.(you get lots of attention!)
        Groupies: $150 total for 3 to four adventure seekers (includes lesson and practice by an cool paddleboard instructor)
        Text Captain Stevo (904)-654-9742
        "Self-Guided" Paddleboards:
         $40 each Ocean Paddleboard: Warning: It might be too much fun for you!  Up to 4 hours use for  $40 (2 person minimum) or up to 4 paddleboards for $150. Text Captain Stevo (904)-654-9742
        Warm up your body with gentle flow yoga stretching every muscle of your body and then enjoy peace and tranquility while skipping through the forest....well, or  a gentle stroll will do!  Walk through lush green local amazing hiking trails with a guide to help you explore the most amazing  trail in the area or adventure with the energy of the ocean and try paddleboarding or a nature kayak tour.  Enjoy a personal energy medium reading, and learn to connect to your inner guidance.  4hrs. so pack a sack lunch.  $150/person
        Certificates for guided or self guided tours are valid for our "calendar scheduled tour times" only! 

        Simply text us a pic of your coupon and what tour date you desire!  (Your coupon will be redeemed immediately in order to hold your reservation)
        Sometimes we run crazy specals!! (*Besides the calendar group weekend tours, additional times for a private tour may be available when using your coupon with an additional  $25 guide fee per person.)  
        • Living social, Amazon local, Groupon, or Double take deals
        Text or call  (904)-404-6758...cash or pay with credit (we use Square 1 for all major credit cards).
        (Our goal: for you to chill & get some Zen!)
        Tour Information:
        • 2 person minimum) Includes your kayak, paddle, vest, mini-lesson.  
        • Must be able to swim of course! (We have never had someone tip, but if your the first one--swim fast so the sharks dont get you!
        • Must weigh below 250lbs so you dont sink our kayaks or paddleboards!
        • Must be physically able to get in and out of kayaK
        • no refunds, weather cancellations are determined by us 90mn prior to put in time, and reschedules or cancellations must be made 24hrs. in advance.  You will be charged for no-shows.
        •  Must confirm your trip the night prior.
        • no bumper boating, couple spatting, or wild drinking on board!
        • Nooooooo dragging the kayaks over the cement--they will tear!
        • You must babysit the kayaks when you return early, until the designated pick up time, then you will get your license back!
        • We look tough but were not tough enough to rerack all the kayaks, so yea---you get to be responsible for helping to re-racking your own.
        • Last thing---google the directions, or gps. 
        • ONLY POSITIVE REVIEWS ALLOWED!! (traveladvisor.com)
        Stand up paddleboards, safe open touring kayaks and fishing kayaKS and fun surf play in the ocean kayaks available as well.
        • Yes, there may be fish jumping, snakes lurking, aligators staring, birds tweeting, etc..Its Florida folks!!  They dont bother us and we dont bother them--right?!!
        • Bring your waterbottles, snacks, suntan lotion, water shoes, a towel, maybe a change
                         of pants in case you drip into your kayak or wet your drawers!!
        • No fuddy duds allowed!..No negativity (especially when kayaking in a double with your friend).......and pets not allowed because although we love dogs--they cant kayak!  
        • Parrots are welcome!
        Fernandina Beach, Amelia Island, Yulee, other Nassau county locations, and Alaska (ok, ...well, no-not Alaska yet!). 
        Other Fun Stuff!
        White Ibis Kayak Tours in St. Augustine...www.whiteibistours.com 
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